The basic inheritance is a unique opportunity for more justice, personal capital accumulation and economic strength.

Everyone has a natural right to an appropriate share of the earth on which he was born. This is an individual right and must therefore be independent of parents' wealth. But the reality is different. If you don't have rich parents, it is harder to develop your potential in life. Society is drifting apart. 

We want to counteract this with the general basic inheritance.  Every young citizen should have a personal, family-independent chance of capital  The foundation will make a start and in the next few years will draw out 10 pieces of basic inheritance at €15,000 each year.

Videos about justice in succession

ZDF "The Republic of heirs"

"In the Republic of heirs, the ratio of acquired to inherited property is shifting - but this is not yet being discussed"

ARD special "Extra3"

Tough luck: "Thing is, life is unfair..." and, as everyone knows: "... Money isn't for all!"


TV (ARD): "How solidary is Germany?"

At a birthday party, 10 children reenact the distribution of wealth in Germany.            brutal, macabre, real.

Videos about the Basic Heritage

Imagine if the world was just...

...and imagine that everyone who is born into this world also gets a fair share of it...

Arte 23.09.17, (cut)

... give something back to our own children in such a way that we try to make the world a bit fairer...

The Basic Heritage on ARTE-TV

Bug in the video: The basic inheritance requires 5% of the annual hereditary mass, but not everyone has to give 5%. There can be high allowances. e.g. 400.000€?