suggestions for heirs


It depends on the amount


Let's do the math: If annually values of 200 to 250 billion € are inherited, and a German vintage has approx. 750,000 individuals, then on average 300,000 € of hereditary material is allotted to each German child. With theoretically even distribution, every German could inherit values in the amount of € 300,000 once in his or her life. This number has a certain meaning. Who will inherit or has inherited up to this height, can relatively calmly meet his neighbor who had less luck with the inheriting. He is not primarily responsible for the other person inheriting nothing or less. In this framework, there would be enough for everyone. But if someone has inherited more than this magic number, then there is a justification problem. Anyone who takes on an above-average inheritance should be aware that for this reason another person inevitably has to inherit less than average or nothing at all. The logicians call this a necessary condition.  The one who accepts an inheritance that exceeds this magical number is personally (co-)responsible for depriving others of their share of the limited but vital resources of the earth.

The justification


If the amount of a heritage exceeds the above measure, then everyone who accepts it has an inner justification. Figuratively speaking, the synopses are arranged in a long row in front of the area of the brain where conscience and logic are at home. They reach out their hands and form a wall. To every searching thought that comes they call out: "Turn back, there is nothing here, there is no way!" The person who justifies or defends himself locks off parts of his brain that he urgently needs to achieve his life's goal of freedom. If his synopses are clever, he won't even know it.  This is the real damnation that lies on those who cannot keep a human, fraternal measure in the material. No heritage in the world is worth the price of spiritual freedom.

Our tips for you as a heir:


If you have inherited assets worth less than 300,000€, then rejoice in it and make something good out of it. You are not obliged to anyone in the application and management of these assets. You're committed to what you believe in. If you have inherited goods of higher value, share for the sake of fairness with those who otherwise inherit nothing. You are promoting the development of others and equal opportunities in our country. Give up the excessive advantage in your life for your self-respect and spiritual freedom. You can use the foundation to give assets directly to those young people who would otherwise not inherit anything without passing it through the state and without the paternalism associated with. Join us and get the world's first season of a General Basic Inheritance on the way with.  This act of natural justice will not leave the world untouched.



TV (ARD): "How solidary is Germany?"

At a birthday party, 10 children reenact the distribution of wealth in Germany.         brutal, macabre, real.


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Tough luck: "Life is unfair..." and, as everyone knows: "... Money isn't for all!"


The Basic Heritage on TV: (ARTE)

Small bug in the video: The basic heritance requires 5% of the annual hereditary mass, but not everyone has to give 5%. There can be high allowances. e.g. 400.000€?