suggestions for non-heirs


Peace be with you


You went away empty handed in inheritance or will go away empty-handed. But otherwise nothing bad has happened. For your comfort, half of all people won't inherit any significant fortune. So you're not alone for now.  In fact, non-heirs even have one great advantage over heirs: they are free and not bound to any testator or clan. There is hardly any inherited fortune that comes along without expectations of the heir. It will incriminate and restrict the recipient in some way. Some inheritance costs the heir the adventure of his own personal life.

Nevertheless, the situation is politically unsatisfactory


We have agreed in this society on a liberal system that cannot really work without equal opportunities. The social differences in possession and power among people should have arisen from their own achievements for other people. Then they can be accepted by all and peace in society is maintained. 

If, like us, we are in favour of private property, then we must also agree to the transfer of the acquired assets, i.e. the inheritance. Without it, all assets would sooner or later end up in public hands. But the rules according to which inheritance take place must be discussed. An addition of a general right of a basic inheritance as proposed here would be the piece of justice that is missing in our society today. It would not leave anyone empty-handed and would be an effective step to unite society in today's political situation.

Our hereditary tip for you as a non-heir:


Turn your disappointment or frustration - if you have it - into a political attitude! Go beyond your own person and stand up for our country and for fairer structures in the transfer of property between the generations. This is not so much a struggle as simply a relaxed but unswerving confession and adherence to the truth. It is simply a matter of not accepting the general lie. Let us never call this society a just or a liberal society, as long as half the people are left empty-handed in inheritance. Carry before you the general right for a share in the earth and the nation for everyone peacefully but unmistakably. It's good and healthy for the head. If that's not enough activity for you, come to us. There's a lot to do. The time is ripe. Help to set an example and get the world's first season of a General Basic inheritance on the way.

Videos on the subject of basic inheritance

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The Basic Heritage on TV: (ARTE)

Small bug in the video: The basic heritance requires 5% of the annual hereditary mass, but not everyone has to give 5%. There can be high allowances. e.g. 400.000€?


TV (ARD): "How solidary is Germany?"

At a birthday party, 10 children reenact the distribution of wealth in Germany.         brutal, macabre, real.